Zorbit's Approach: Increasing Teacher Capacity

We believe that increased achievement stems from confident teachers. Zorbit's toolkit supports Teacher confidence when it comes to teaching math in three ways.

Embedded PD

From the Teacher Dashboard, lesson planning ideas are recommended based on real-time performance data. It also offers tips and information regarding math learning (eg. "How do I differentiate student tasks?" "What is Mental Math?") 

School and District Reports

Performance data at the school and district level often come periodic summative assessments and teacher reports. Unfortunately, this data usually comes too late to provide timely supports to teachers. The performance data collected by the Zorbit's toolkit provides principals and district admins real-time insight to help inform PD decisions and greater teacher supports. 

Teacher Success Team

Our Teacher Success Coaches become an extension of your math team and are committed to giving teachers the knowledge and skills to deliver effective math lessons and feel more confident in the classroom. It’s on-demand concierge support! Our team of experienced educators are ready to provide lesson planning tips, activity recommendations, or to simply nerd out on the latest pedagogical research.  

Last modified: Thursday, 5 September 2019, 8:54 AM