Zorbit's Approach: Assessment and Lesson Planning

Blended learning involves leveraging digital resources to augment all of the amazing things teachers are already doing in the class - not replace it. Two areas where technology can have a great impact are assessment and lesson planning. 

Digitally Augmented Assessment

As students complete activities in the game, Zorbit's adaptive learning system is collecting and analyzing curriculum-aligned performance data. When coupled with a teacher's own observations and professional judgement, it paints a crystal-clear picture of each student's strengths and needs.

Digitally Augmented Lesson Planning

This data and analysis inform recommendations that teachers can use in their next lesson to close learning gaps and strengthen developing skills. 

Amongst our team, we sometimes joke that we want to make teacher-cyborgs...the good kind. Zorbit's suite of tools provides teachers with digital enhancements to augment their efforts in the classroom.  Quickly identify learning gaps and devise strategies that target and close them. Zorbit's allows you to become The Teach-inator!

Last modified: Thursday, 5 September 2019, 7:08 AM