Zorbit's Approach: Quality Content

All of our content is teacher-created, classroom-tested, curriculum-aligned, and backed in rigorous pedagogy. 

make a shape with an area of 10 and perimeter of 18
Zorbit's Math Adventure

The foundation of the platform is the student learning game which encourages mathematical exploration within an awesome storyline. Math is positioned as an ally in problem-solving - not the problem itself. Students engage with rich math tasks that place targeted math concepts in fun contexts that spark creative problem-solving, design-thinking, and critical thinking.

Hands-On Teaching Activities

Our toolkit features a library of hands-on activities that are not your run-of-the-mill worksheets. They are adaptable lesson plans that make the perfect playful companion to the in-game experiences. They are designed around resources found in most elementary classrooms and include strategies for supporting students who are struggling and extension activities for those who excel. 

This blend of digital and hands-on resources is flexible, adaptable, and allows teachers to create playful and impactful learning environments for diverse student needs. 

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