Resources On Our Website

When you visit, you can find a wide range of resources and information about Zorbit’s Math Adventure, how it has been influencing the way students learn math, and strategies for implementing it into your classroom.

Learn More

At the top of the page, you will find a few drop-down menus that link to various information sources. From the Learn More menu, you will find information on

  • How Zorbit’s Math Adventure is designed to engage students
  • How the game’s activities align with your curriculum
  • The Adaptive Learning System that keeps students in a flow state
  • How the Teacher Dashboard provides you with actionable data on student achievement
  • Research on how Zorbit’s impacts student success


Also at the top of the page is the Resources menu. From here you can access a series of informative, inspirational, and useful tools. Here is a short description of each section found under Resources:


Periodically, someone from Zorbit’s Math Adventure will have a really neat idea worth writing about and sharing. Subscribing to the blog is a great way to keep up to date on some educational hot topics from the Zorbit’s Math Adventure perspective.


On this site, you will find a series of how-to videos regarding the Teacher Dashboard. This video library is more for beginners learning how to get started and some best practices getting it set up.


This is where we house some of our favourite quotes, pictures, tweets, and testimonials from teachers just like you. We also have a few case studies that demonstrate in greater detail how teachers have been using Zorbit’s to achieve appreciable gains in their classrooms. Check out Leslie R.’s story here.

Class Tools

We want to make using Zorbit’s Math Adventure in your classroom as easy and exciting for you and your students as possible. That’s why we have curated a few sample lesson plans that use Zorbit’s as an instructional tool. We have placed these and some printable activity packs on this page.

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