Module 5 Conclusion

The game that comes with Zorbit’s Math Adventure is wonderful, but it is just the start of a much more robust and useful workflow for teachers. The Game-Dashboard Loop workflow starts with students playing the game to learn and practice new math skills. In doing so, they are providing you with actionable performance data which is displayed in an easily analyzable fashion.

This analysis will help you quickly identify trends and gaps within individuals and across the class. Once you have identified them, the Game Controls and Teaching Activities can help you close learning gaps and move trends in more favourable directions.

In the next module, we will conclude this course with a tour of our support network. We will look at where you can go for additional resources and how to connect with our Support and Customer Success teams.

In this module, we addressed:

  • Accessing and reading the Class Progress area of the Teacher Dashboard.

  • Identifying learning gaps that exist within individuals and across an entire class.

  • Closing learning gaps by personalizing instruction through the use of the Game Controls and Teaching Activities.


Having your students play the game in pairs will encourage collaboration and spur on conversation about problem-solving. Listen closely to the conversations these pairs are having. It is a great way to find out where gaps in their understanding of a given concept exist. Have these pair alternate who logs in so that you are collecting data on both of them.

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