Taking Action with Game Controls and Teaching Activities

The last step in each iteration of the Game-Dashboard Loop workflow is to take action to close any learning gaps and reinforce areas of proficiency. Although we recognize that no one knows your students better than you do and that you have all of the professional skills to be able to intervene with your own actions, we also recognize that the life of a teacher is hectic. As such, the Teacher Dashboard makes recommendations on next steps the way a hotel’s concierge would make restaurant recommendations.

Taking action with Zorbit’s Math Adventure can take many forms but within the Teacher Dashboard, there are typically two things we recommend: use the Game Controls to guide replay or exploration of new areas and use the Teaching Activities to reinforce concepts in a hands-on manner.

Game Controls

The Teacher Dashboard allows you to guide your students’ exploration in the game by locking down and making available individual planets and entire star systems via the Game Controls area. This is a great way to encourage students to follow up on skills that may be lacking rather than moving on to new planets and topic.

In-Class Activities

Through the Class Progress area, the Teacher Dashboard will suggest easy-to-implement lesson plans found in the Teaching Activities area. You can access the complete list of Teaching Activities by navigating to the Teaching Activities area and filtering your search manually, or you can link directly to relevant activities by selecting the links in a student’s Concept Report. Doing so will automatically apply the appropriate filters and provide you with a narrowed-down list.

Last modified: Monday, 3 September 2018, 5:52 PM