Individual Intervention

When students struggle with a concept, there is a fine line a teacher has to walk between providing the student with additional opportunities to improve and overwhelming the student with additional work. The additional supports need to be engaging and meaningful to the student so that they do not feel they are being punished for not being successful with a curriculum objective.

This is why Zorbit’s Math Adventure has been used by countless teachers as an interventional resource to help struggling students succeed. Just imagine telling a student that they should be playing more video games to get better at math. This is a very easy sell to most students!

Mr. Girard's Interventions

Mr. Girard from Miramichi, NB is an Instructional Resource Teacher (IRT) who works with students who have exceptionalities. He understands the importance of addressing student needs directly and ensuring that each student gets a quality education that addresses their weaknesses and leverages their strengths.

Let’s see how Mr. Girard has used it to support some of his students. Select each to learn more.

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