Centre-Based Lessons

In the early years of their education, students will form lasting opinions about various subjects, their abilities, and education in general. Tailoring lessons to capture their curiosity in the context of their class’ diverse learning styles is an ongoing challenge for K-3 teachers. Many conquer this challenge by offering students a variety of opportunities to explore objectives from different perspectives. This idea of differentiated instruction often comes in the form of centre-based lessons.

Centre-based lessons involve 3-5 different stations or centres with different but related activities through which students can rotate in small groups. The challenge is that teachers must come up with, prepare, and facilitate multiple lessons as once. However, Zorbit’s Math Adventure offers a great deal of support when implementing this approach. Want to learn how? Let’s check out this example:

Ms. Sighn's Centre-Based Lesson

Ms. Sighn from Kamloops, British Columbia and her Grade One class have been learning about comparing numbers and will soon be moving on to comparing measurements like length, weight, and capacity. Since comparing numbers is such an essential skill, Ms. Sighn uses Zorbit’s Math Adventure to help her create four stations for comparing numbers. She breaks her class up into four groups of five and has them rotate through the following stations (use the slider to move through each station):


With the help of the resources available in her Teacher Dashboard, the game, and some activities she has learned over the years, Ms. Sighn was able to create four diverse stations that all focus on a common theme - comparing numbers. In doing so, all she had to prepare were some of the manipulatives she already has in her classroom and some simple activity sheets.

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