Blasting Off With Zorbit's Math Adventure

Every student will have a different level of experience with video games and technology. Some homes encourage productive screen time while others put guidelines in place to limit it. As a result, students will respond to a new digital resource in a wide variety of ways - not all of which will be positive.

This is why we recommend introducing Zorbit and his crew to your class in a structured, teacher-led manner. In doing so, you can walk your students through the login process, help them understand the in-game navigation, and build connections between the students and the cast of colourful characters they will be engaging with.

To help with this first impression, we have developed a lesson plan. It includes instructions on which elements of the Zorbit’s universe to draw attention to, and sample questions to start guided discussions about the game.

Download Blasting Off with Zorbit’s Math Adventure (.PDF; 651KB) here. Even if your students and Zorbit’s crew are already well acquainted, the discussion points contained herein make for a fun reflection activity.

Last modified: Monday, 3 September 2018, 5:34 PM