Module 3 Conclusion

The Zorbit’s Math Adventure game has been designed from head to toe with teachers and students in mind. The controls are simple and intuitive for young learners, the feedback and unlockable content keep them engaged, and the activities have been organized to make relevant areas of the game easy for you to find.

Once your students have been playing the game for a little while, you’ll be able to access performance data and recommendations on follow-up activities through the Teacher Dashboard. In the next module, we will look at several implementation strategies for Zorbit's Math Adventure in your classroom.

In this module, we addressed:

  • How regions within a planet correspond to specific mathematical concepts.
  • What students will experience while playing the game. 
  • Design principles employed in the game that optimize student engagement and performance.


The Zorbit's Curriculum Guides are curated to suit your province’s math curriculum. For each learning objective, there is a recommended activity that addresses it. These are great resources for getting to know where to find activities that align with your lesson plans.

Last modified: Monday, 3 September 2018, 5:31 PM