Exploring New Worlds

Once your students have landed on a planet, the real fun can begin! Upon their first visit, Zorbit and his crew will meet one of the residents of the planet who needs their help. The students are then free to explore the different areas of the planet by using the directional arrows onscreen or by swiping left and right on touch-screen devices. Each of these areas represents a general math concept relating to the planet’s curriculum strand.

On each screen, there are several nodes for the student to select. Each node represents a specific math concept and contains 5-8 activities for students to play. Students can earn up to three stars on each activity and must earn a certain number of stars to unlock further activities. This model allows for quick navigation to topics of interest and encourages mastery.

The stories that unfold on each planet are great fun! They are full of zany character that crack up students and teachers. Students can travel to any activity in any area of the planet, but they will need to complete the Story Nodes in sequence to progress these narratives. Story Nodes have a clapboard icon on them.

Welcome to New Beeland

One of the most popular planets in the Betamomax System (Grade One) is New Beeland. This is a honey bee themed planet focusing on numeracy and counting skills. Here, Queen Wenbee has been thrust into the role of Queen Bee and is struggling with her new leadership role. It is up to Zorbit and his crew, with the help of a friendly bee named Tobee, to help get Her Majesty (Her Majesbee?) back on her feet.

The planet consists of five distinct areas, each of which focuses on a different math concept. This map demonstrates which concepts you can find and where.


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