Navigating the Cosmos: Areas and Modules (Concepts and Outcomes)


Each planet has multiple areas that focus on different math concepts. Students can navigate to any area to start learning. So, if you want to teach Counting Up before Counting Groups, you can jump ahead on the New Beeland map.

Game Modules

In each area, there are several nodes on the map - these are game modules. Each module contains a set of activities and each corresponds with a specific learning outcome, strategy, or model. 

Some activities need to be unlocked by collecting stars. Students earn up to three stars on each activity. This encourages students to retry activities and develop skills they have not yet mastered.

The Story

The stories that unfold on each planet are great fun! They are full of zany characters that crack students and teachers up. To unlock the next chapter of a planet's narrative, students will need to complete the each of the game modules in an area.

Welcome to New Beeland

This is the bee-themed planet in the Betamomax System (Grade One) focusing on counting skills. Here, Queen Wenbee has been thrust into the role of Queen Bee and is struggling with her new leadership role. It is up to Zorbit and his crew to get Her Majesty (Her Majesbee?) back on her feet. Students will subitize groups of bees, construct numbers to fill honey jars, and count forwards, backwards, and skip-count to find their way through honeycomb mazes.

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