Navigating the Cosmos: Star Systems (Grades)

When students first log in, they will see Zorbit and his crew on patrol at the Space Academy Look-Out and a series of constellations in the sky. Each constellation represents a different grade level and has been named after letters in the Greek alphabet to hint at their sequence.

The Alphabulous System


The Betamomax System

Grade One

The Gammaramma System

Grade Two

 The Deltacular System

Grade Three

Pedagogical Point: Academic Equity

The constellations are not labelled as "Kindergarten" or "Grade One" in the game. This allows teachers to send students to areas of the game that will provide the right supports even if it is below their current grade level. A Grade Two student, for example, who needs foundational support does not want to see "Kindergarten" written across their screen. Instead, this student is participating in the same learning experience as their peers - they are merely exploring a different area of the night sky.


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