Navigating the Mathematical Cosmos

Once your students have logged in, they will need to navigate a few selections to get into the game. Here is a short screen capture video of a Grade Three student navigating to activities relating to division.  You can also get an in-depth explanation of how the navigational elements align to your curricula below.

Star System (Grade) Select

First, they will see Zorbit and his crew on patrol at the Space Academy Look-Out. From here, Zorbit, Zoe, and Serena can select which star system they wish to travel to. Each constellation represents a different grade level which can be identified by the Greek letter referenced in their names.

Students will only see constellations that have at least one planet unlocked for them. See Game Controls for more information.

The Alphabulous System


The Betamomax System

Grade One

The Gammaramma System

Grade Two

 The Deltacular System

Grade Three


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