Teaching Activities Area

This is Zorbit's Math Adventure's library of in-class activities that allow you to bring math concepts from the game into a more tactile environment. This library is ever expanding and features lesson plans and resources for activities for individuals, small groups, and the whole class.

Each activity is a printable PDF. containing instructions on how to conduct the activity and any printable resources you need for the activity. Each one has been designed around manipulatives typically found in a K-3 classroom and target specific math concepts from your math curriculum. These are especially useful for lesson planning and can save you a lot of time.

There are two ways to get to an activity to suit your lesson plans


At the top of the page several cascading filters. Each one is a pull-down menu and your selection in one gives you another filter to dig a little deeper.

Ms. Miller's class just finished the attributes of 2-D shaped activities on Dinotopia, the geometry planet in the Betamomax System (Grade 1). She is looking for an activity that she can conduct in small groups related to this topic. She uses the filters in the Teaching Activities area to find Guess The Rule (,PDF; 582KB). Here's how she found it:

Grade 1, Subject geometry, Concept 2D Shapes, Module attributes of 2D shapes, Group Size small groups

Link Through Class Progress

The Class Progress area is a great place to identify learning gaps in your class - but what good would that do if we didn't help you close those gaps? As we saw earlier, you can select any of the coloured dots to open a Concept Report. These reports contain links to the Teaching Activities area with the appropriate filters already applied. You can find activities related to a specific module by selecting the Game Module name, or you can retrieve a larger list of activities that apply to all of the modules contained under the concept by selecting the View Teaching Activities button.


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