Game Controls: Guiding the In-Game Experience

Students love exploring the different planets of the Zorbit's universe. However, there are few cases when a teacher might want to give students full access to all of the K-3 activities. Instead, teachers can use the Game Controls in their Teacher Dashboard to configure the in-game access. This ensures students can only navigate to areas with relevant math concepts.

You can toggle entire star systems (grades) on and off so that they disappear from view altogether.

You can also turn planets on and off within available grades to black them out. We sometimes tell kids it's nighttime and it's not safe for Zorbit to land in the dark.

You can do this for the entire class so that everyone is on the same planet(s) OR you can personalize the in-game access for each student. This is a great way to personalize your instruction and differentiate tasks for multi-grade classrooms.

Tips from Teachers

Revisit the Game Controls area on a regular basis. Start with everyone on the same planet and as performance data comes in or as you move on to other topics, reconfigure the controls to give everyone access to appropriate resources.

Last modified: Friday, 4 October 2019, 8:06 AM