Class Progress: Reports and Insights

As students play the game, our learning system collects and analyzes curriculum-aligned performance data. This helps reveals insights for teachers, schools, and districts. When paired with a teacher’s observations, it paints a crystal-clear picture of student performance.

Identifying Trends

The data visualization makes it easy to identify trends within individuals (horizontally) and across the entire class (vertically).

In this example, it's clear that Charlie could use some additional support. This teacher may consider adjusting their approach with Charlie - perhaps more collaborative learning opportunities might tip this trend. 

Money (under Data Management) appears to be a 'learning gap' in this class. With such a wide range of proficiency levels being reported on this topic, perhaps the teacher might consider some small-group instruction or a centre-based lesson on this topic. This allows the teacher to support those that are struggling and keep those that are proficient engaged. 


When you visit your Class Progress area, try clicking on one of the colour-coded dots. It opens a Concept Report for a specific student on a specific math concept. In the concept report, you can gain quantitative insights on how the student is progressing with specific models and strategies relating to the math concept. This robust formative assessment data source allows you to make effective lesson planning decisions.

To further help with these lesson planning decisions, the Teacher Dashboard provides recommendations from the Teacher Activities library. These recommendations help streamline lesson planning to save you time and effort.

Last modified: Friday, 4 October 2019, 11:08 AM