Zorbit's Math Adventure Overview

Getting Into the Game

The Zorbit's Math Adventure game can be accessed at play.zorbitsmath.com. If you are using an iPad, you can download the iOS app from the Apple App Store.

Uniting Pedagogy and Play Like No One Else

As students play, they encounter rich math tasks that focus on constructing solutions rather than simply supplying answers. These tasks are embedded in fun narratives and contexts that provide opportunities for students to explore. This positions math is an ally rather than an obstacle.

For example, on the Grade 2 planet of Spookulon, students will meet Ida the Spider (pronounced ‘spi-dah’). Ida is planning a surprise party for her friend Mona the Monster and enlists Zorbit and his crew to help with baking birthday cakes, determining how much food they'll need, and decorating the cobwebs with confetti. Students must learn specific math skills and use embedded mathematical models to complete these tasks.

In the example below, students are taking stock of how much food they'll need to feed the Jellies. In doing so, they use place-value manipulatives to construct numbers. 


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