Module 1 Introduction

What exactly is Zorbit’s Math Adventure? Is it just another math-based game or digital resource? The short answer is no. Although Zorbit’s Math Adventure is centred around a truly awesome game-based learning solution for young math learners, it is so much more than that.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a suite of tools that empowers teachers to create engaging math lessons, identify learning gaps, and take actions to close those gaps. We will go into more detail about how the Zorbit’s tools do this in the subsequent modules, but for now, we will take a look at what these tools are and some of the features and design elements that make them great.

In this first module, let’s take a look at what Zorbit’s Math Adventure is and all of the great tools and features that go along with it.


In this module, we will address:

  • The tools included in Zorbit’s Math Adventure including the games; the Teacher Dashboard, and Teaching Activities.
  • How the game is curriculum aligned.
  • How the game's adaptive learning system adjusts gameplay to match student performance.
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