Discussion: Reading Data and Taking Action

The Teacher Dashboard is a robust tool that provides a lot of great data, but it is not designed to completely replace your own notes, informal assessments, and grade book. It is one more asset in your teacher’s toolkit that helps you obtain a complete picture of your students’ strengths and weaknesses. This means that analyzing your class’ performance data should be done within the context of your existing assessment practices and knowledge of your students.

For example, Charlie from Mr Murphy’s Math Class has mostly yellows and reds in his progress report. This could mean that he isn’t completely grasping the math concept, but it may also be an indicator of his learning style. Perhaps Charlie works best when he can work in groups and collaborate. Conversely, Shawn’s performance on group activities may be lacking whereas his progress report with Zorbit’s is all greens. This could indicate that he is more of an independent learner and thrives in a digital environment.

Conversation Starter

How do you use the data in the Teacher Dashboard to inform your instruction? How does it fit into your overall workflow and how you assess and evaluate students?

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